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Think tank: June 13th 2019

"When does innovation happen in tourism?"

Find out more about our recent cross-border Think Tank on 'Tourism & Innovation' that took place in Canterbury (UK). Download presentations, view pictures and watch videos from the think tank now click here


Inspiration trips

PROFIT from the experiences of businesses in our partner regions and read about the outcomes of our inspiration trips! Read more

Service Design

In a constantly evolving tourism market, SMEs face major challenges. We tried to match the needs of our potential visitors with what local SMEs have to offer. The detailed learnings from the project have enabled us to develop a number of exciting innovations that can be put into practice easily and on a day to day basis. Be inspired by the ideas from other regions! 
Read more

Big data across borders

An important starting point for innovation is the wishes and needs of guests. To increase our knowledge about the guest, we are experimenting with all kinds of big data. We have gathered our learnings in one report. Read more

The coastal regions’ DNA

The coastal regions in North West Europe have many similarities, but they still have their own unique character too. It’s this unique character which is of major importance where innovation is concerned. How can you, as an entrepreneur, use you region’s strengths in your company? All coastal regions have mapped out their DNA as part of PROFIT, in order to visualise the similarities and differences more effectively. Read more

Questions from entrepreneurs

The questions posed by entrepreneurs were the starting point for this project: what would you like to achieve in your respective regions? We organised a session with entrepreneurs in all partner regions in March 2017, in order to produce a detailed inventory of the entrepreneurs’ objectives and questions. Many of these objectives and questions were very similar, as our coastal regions generally have comparable opportunities and challenges. But there were a number of differences too. Read more