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Questions from entrepreneurs (continued)

Many of the objectives specified by entrepreneurs are the same. All coastal regions strive for an extension of the season and improving (potential) visitors’ awareness of their destination. Stimulating visitors’ activities (and spending) is also frequently mentioned, which can be achieved by referring to other companies at the destination.

Other objectives include:
- Enhancing the region’s attractiveness and improving the image
- Working together in marketing, based on a joint story about the region
- Effective use of marketing budgets, but sending out the right message at the right time to the right target group
- Stimulating direct bookings with companies, instead of via intermediaries
- Stimulating visitor spending
- Stimulating repeat visits
- Stimulating visitor satisfaction
- Comparing destinations, in order to learn from each other

Kent, Essex and Pas-de-Calais have also formulated a specific objective towards visitors who are passing through their regions: they would like to tempt these visitors to spend longer in their respective regions.

All of these objectives form the starting point for this project and will be used as the guiding principle for the various different activities. We have also translated these objectives into knowledge questions, specifically for the activities applicable to big data. What should we know about our guests in order to achieve all the objectives? This showed we can cluster the questions into four themes: 
1. Visitors’ motivation and appreciation
2. Visitors’ profile
3. Visitors’ behaviour
4. Visitors’ spending

These four themes are central focus points in our big data activities in PROFIT.

Please watch here the film of Mischa Beckers (Lector Data Science HZ University of Applied Sciences) and Marc Ruijtenberg (owner of Strandpark de Zeeuwse Kust) where you can learn about the essence of big data for an entrepreneur.