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PROFIT from the experiences learnt with other businesses in our partner regions 

In January and February 2019, the PROFIT partners organised Innovation Inspiration Trips to Essex & Kent (UK) and to Zeeland (the Netherlands), the Belgian coast and Pas-de-Calais (France).
In the reports below you can find very practical tips & tricks of the businesses we visited during these trips.

waldegraves holiday park 
Waldegraves Holiday Park

ESSEX Topsail charters Maldon 
Topsail Charter

 IMG 4709a

RHS Garden Hyde Hall
Copper Rivet Distillery
Copper Rivet Distillery
Port Lympne tiger lodge
Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve
ZLD Klokuus
ZLD Oesterij
ZLD Zonneweelde
BE UpstairsHotel1
Andromeda Hotel & Upstairs Hotel