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Become more knowledgeable about your guests

We will use big data within PROFIT to develop more knowledge about our guests. Big companies already collect a great deal of data about their customers, both online and offline. This big data is used to visualise interest patterns and to develop new products and services. But these types of data analyses aren’t easy to create for SME entrepreneurs. Each entrepreneur can only see a guest’s visit to his own company, but he won’t know what that same guest is doing at other companies. That’s why we want to combine data applicable to entrepreneurs, government authorities and other organisations in PROFIT, allowing us to collect and analyse big data at regional level. This, in turn, means we can create more knowledge about your guest and other guests in your region. We will subsequently work together with you where understanding and using the data is concerned: how can you use this knowledge about the customer to develop new products and services? Find out more about our approach

Looking at the data available for all the participating regions, we initially focussed on the subject of motivation and appreciation. We have experimented with data obtained from review websites and social media, in order to see whether this data will provide us with usable information for the questions we have about visitor motivation and appreciation. This page visualises the results from these experiments. Several dashboards are shown, based on Google reviews. These are images of the analyses produced and show the possibilities offered by analysing reviews.