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PROFIT Tourism Award

On December 2nd, the PROFIT International Tourism Award was awarded to Mijn Lievelingsplek (“My favourite spot”) from the Province of Zeeland in the Netherlands recognising their commitment to the project and personal innovation journey. Made up from 17 small farm campsites across Zeeland managed by women entrepreneurs our experts were impressed by the way they shared their passion, collaborated and marketed their campsites together rather than individually, putting their visitors first.. Mijn Lievelingsplek was chosen from a competitive fields of five regional winners chosen by experts and stakeholders in each of the PROFIT partner regions. 

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The five nominees for the PROFIT International Tourism Award were:

Holiday Suites, Boulogne-sur-Mer, France
Holiday Suites,
Boulogne-sur-Mer, France
  The Holiday Suites holiday park wants to diversify its product by proposing car-free breaks that can be communicated with an « index of car-free stays ». By using a vehicle less and taking advantage of more accessible touristic offerings that are available on foot, by bike or by public transport, the index goes up. This idea meets the growing need from urban clienteles and, in particular the Parisian client for returning to nature.
Marks Hall, Coggeshall, Essex, UK
Marks Hall,
Coggeshall, Essex, UK
  Marks Hall Estate is a striking heritage landscape that extends over 2,200 acres of Essex countryside, currently visited for its gardens or as a wedding venue. This innovation plan looks at a major new development strategy, a brand review and infrastructure development including new visitor facilities. The new additions will create differentiation from other Essex attractions but strive to work with as many other local attractions in the area.
Macknade Fine Foods, Faversham-Ashford, UK
Macknade Fine Foods,
Faversham-Ashford, Kent, UK
  Macknade Fine Foods is one of the country’s leading food halls, built on a 170 year history of food, farming and retailing. The innovation challenge was to make it a destination store to visit and increase sales among new and returning customers. With such a gorgeous high-end experience in-store, and a strong base of customers and loyalty card holders, it’s time to build a strong visual-led digital brand to reach new audiences and keep the store front-of-mind for existing ones.
Lakeside Resort Knokke
Lakeside Paradise,
Knokke-Heist, Belgium
  Lakeside Paradise is launching a series of ambitious innovation projects. Research is ongoing, planning the construction of a wave park with artificial waves. Additionally, a CO2 neutral ice rink with curling facility will be introduced during autumn and winter, as well as Nordic skiing/ crosscountry skiing along the shores of the lake. With these innovations, Lakeside Paradise wants to contribute to the development of the Belgian Coast as a 4-season destination as well as attracting an international audience.
Mijn Lievelingsplek, Zeeland, The Netherlands
Mijn Lievelingsplek
Zeeland, The Netherlands
  Mijn Lievelingsplek (“My favourite spot”) is the cooperation of 17 small farm-based campsites in Zeeland, all run by women. They have joined forces to have a stronger marketing approach, using the unique DNA of Zeeland. Their innovation challenge concerned the rebranding of their product towards a new market - German visitors that don’t know the brand “minicamping”. Their innovation plan includes many practical ideas for marketing, which are already being implemented by these very enthusiastic women.


Read the press release and watch the photos of the award ceremony:  

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